This will be the landing page to connect with inventors to invest in or work with them for their inventions/business ideas.  They will subscribe for an ad on this site, tell about their ideas ... give their contact information.  People would contact them.  Then more people would have wealth.
A lot of people have perfect invention ideas but just lack the money to get them on the market.  Getting them on the market is a simple process but again the capital is the only problem.  The process is/ought to basically be:
  1. Coming up with the invention idea.
  2. Getting started with a design ... market company; i.e. $299 down and $25 per month.
  3. Getting the rest of the money to pay the design ... marketing company, i.e. $20, 000.
  4. Waiting for the work to be done; the design ... marketing company would acquire manufacturers to fund the products going to market.
  5. Collecting the royalties.