We need a web that gives:
  • The heated racial-sensitive opinions about current politics from an anointed good spiritual “Judge.”
  • The answers to heated racial-sensitive political questions asked of politicians. We need to know if we ought to vote for politicians.  We need to know if we must strike, petition or take physical action.  We need to require every politician to answer the questions or not be voted for.
This will feature upcoming politicians to be voted on and current politicians.  We plan to feature their answers to key questions about them that we need to know; i.e.:
  1. What is your party affiliation?
  2. Are you a polygamist?
  3. Are you racist?
  4. Do you believe all people should be treated fair?
  5. What programs ... will you add to the community you serve and how are those programs important for those served?
  6. What programs have you already established?
  7. How can we submit questions and/or advice to you?
We need to know the real intent of our politicians and politician candidates.