This page tells information about The Houses of Jason.  The Houses of Jason is:

  1. The right teachings to live by (which are the books of Williejay T. Strong).  See his books on  We plan on having an paid e-mail article subscription service.  It will teach the main things needed to have a good Life of God.  The program is part of the Real Dope-Stop The Cycle campaign.
  2. A non-profit called Call Visits.  The non-profit will serve the widows, widowers, bed ridden, fatherless, and lonely by giving them calls, as to visit them, which will aid them in being happy-whereas nobody else pays them attention or visits them.  This service will be co-contracted thru foreign workers.
  3. "Knocked Down", schizophrenia mental illness lectures.  One would be able to subscribe to the lessons.  The lessons likely get someone from being very bad off mentally ill wise to recovering.  We believe we have the co-cure to schizophrenia mental illness, the most reason people are mentally hospitalized.

Read Williejay's similarities to the House of Jason as in the Bible and anointment for this at

Thank you.